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“Synergy Mastering has become our go to Mastering specialists for digital and vinyl mastering with our artists benefiting from Synergy’s exemplary musical and dynamic approach, always serving the song and bringing a modern yet classic sound to everything they work on”

Libertino Records Carmarthen

“Charlie’s my go-to for a lot of projects on Bubblewrap Collective. He’s always a pleasure to work with and I’m consistently extremely satisfied with his work. I would highly recommend his services for both digital and vinyl mastering.”

Rich Chitty, Bubblewrap Collective

“Synergy mastering have consistently delivered powerful, punchy and crystal clear masters – regardless of genre. I am always happy to send my work to Charlie, knowing that he will take a sympathetic approach to the style of mix, and deliver something that myself and my clients are proud of”

Dan Lucas, The Joplin House

“The thing I’ve always loved about Charlie is that he has the heart of an artist and the ears of a producer. And it’s this sympathy he has with the emotional core of a song mixed with his technical creativity and professionalism that always gives me that last little bit of (much needed) confidence during what we all know can be the most stressful part of recording; letting go of our music. It’s that final sprinkling of magic dust before accepting that yes, our record is done. So thanks again Charlie!”

Robin Proper Sheppard (Flower Shop Recordings, Sophia, The God Machine) Berlin

“If it’s a project for a client or one of my own productions, Charlie is my go to guy. He is extremely passionate about what he does and it clearly comes out in his work. My mixes always come back to me sounding like how I intended them to sound, only with more depth and a sense of space. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Charlie for your next project.”

Andrew Sanders (Kings Road Studio, Cardiff)

“The master sounds perfect. As usual, it is a pleasure to work with you.”

Yonatan Vogelsang (Stellar Lane-Tel Aviv)


“These sound great. I’ve shared it with the rest of the band and there’s zero comments for changes other than they sound brilliant. We’ve been listening to these songs for months and were completely sick of them, but hearing them mastered has pulled them together so they sound like an actual cohesive whole. It’s actually helped us get excited about the release again!”

Stephen McLeod ( Hog Wyld, Glasgow )

“ I have worked with Charlie Francis for almost 20 years in his roles of recording and mixing engineer, producer, and now mastering engineer. Charlie finds the sonic core of a song, and his masters have an ineffable quality which I attribute to not only his technical ability and acute ear for detail, but, most importantly, his musicality. My records are always in safe hands with Charlie, and I would recommend any artist to consider Synergy Mastering for their next project.”

Mark Sinton (Singer / Songwriter – Melbourne, Australia):

“So. We got our album masters back. Absolutely. Bloody. Delighted with it. Comfortably the best thing we’ve done. Huge thanks to Charlie Francis for your time and support.”

Aaronson (Cardiff)

“Charlie’s mastering took the sound of our record to another level! His work fully respected Chris Sheldon’s mixing and made it even clearer, bigger and larger than life!”

Charlie Fabert ( Rozedale – France)